Fund Raises coming up soon

Hi all

Unfortunately we were unable to run the raffle at this event but I have some other big events in mind which will be much easier for me as I have had a bit of a hard time recently with my MS and a week long event would not be possible at the moment. All of the donations have been put aside to be used in the next raffle and I am very much looking forward to running it. Thank you to everyone for your support and despite my worsening condition I still managed to get a 5kg increase in my bench at the last competition, so really the way I look at it is that if I can increase my Bench still life is good.

I am running a raffle at the;

Oceania & Asian Raw Powerlifting Championships

 7 – 14 December 2014

Ibis Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

To raise money for the team, I have already collected a few donations for the raffle but we need more things to offer. There will be hundreds of people at this event and I have been given the opportunity to have a table there to run it. I think this will be a great opportunity to raise some funds to the next international comp for those athletes that choose to compete and who qualify for the next International competition. If anyone has things that they can donate that would be great. If anyone has any contacts eg; companies that could donate goods, that would be great. If this raffle is successful than I will run regular ones.

Fingers crossed

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