Americas Open Championships- Mexico

We arrived in Mexico feeling like we would never get here! Our flight was canceled on the 20th after some apparent engine problems and United Airways said to me that they didn’t have another flight available for another 3 days!!!! Ahhhhhhh

But with much stern persuasion they change us to Qantas the next day. Then as we finally flew into LA they stuffed up our flight again by booking us a connecting flight to close to the arrival time, therefor after collecting our bags and checking in again (which is what all connecting passengers must do in LA) we missed our flight. Trying not to get too angry with much difficulty managed to be booked into a flight to Mexico after a 3 hour delay. What a Night mare. After 27 hours we managed to arrive in Mexico, Hooray.

The first 2 days the training room wasn’t setup yet at the hotel unfortunately, there for our training was set back a day. 😦

We were frantically trying to find a gym close that had a Para Bench, but we didn’t have much luck, no worries we just had another rest day. There also weren’t any scales around to use so I just had to be really careful what I ate for the first few days.

But our first training session went really well, I felt strong and recovered from our flight ordeal with minimal MS exacerbation. The training room looked great, the weight plates were still in their wrapped plastic, brand new Eliko equipment and great benches, also a nice view. Also once the scales were set up I weighed in 2 kilos under my weight class, so that was a relief.

The People in Mexico have been really friendly and Harley and i Have been trying to learn Spanish to make things easier.

our competition schedule was up, the under 67kg class was set to be held on the Tuesday here, the 28th the second day of competition at 11am. equipment check at 9:15 am and weigh in at 9:30. which is great, I prefer to compete in the morning first up.

The atmosphere gets better here every day as the other countries arrive. One or my Friends Ali Jawad  (from Great Brittan) has also offered to help us with technique tips and support, Which is fantastic, its not often get some one who is the best in the world at Para Bench offer to help coach you. My heartfelt thanks goes out to him.

so we have a training session here again today at 7pm at night, with Harley and Ali by my side I feel it will be a great one.

4 days left to the competition, I’m very excited and nervous.

Thank you again to all my supporters and family, I wouldn’t be here without your Generosity.

IMG_3289 IMG_3267

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