Is it true?! Is dessert really BAD for me?

Is it true?! Is dessert really BAD for me?

dessert picture chocolate cake

This is one thing that I am asked on a regular basis.

Can I still eat dessert when I am trying to loose weight?

Well the answer is YES and NO.

If you are someone who eats sweets every night then I would highly suggest to restrict to every second night and to limit desserts that contain the three main ‘BAD’ ingredients ; sugar, white flour and butter. This would include all the nice things that mum use to bake; puddings, cakes, ice-cream, cookies. Studies have linked these ingredients to obesity and increased rates of type 2 Diabetes. So if you’re eating dessert, most nights, with these ingredients, you’re asking for trouble. The kind of trouble that isn’t just causing problems for your waistline but your entire body.

If you were talking about foods like fruit, yoghurt, dark chocolate, nuts or any combination of those ingredients would be a great thing to have in small amounts after your dinner. Adding more variety into your diet is one of the key ways to ensure you are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals we need. Using this opportunity to have more fruits and dairy products could be a great thing.

You can also make it a family activity, for those of you who will be making dessert for more than one. I like to involve my son in choosing foods for dessert so that hopefully, over time, I am able to teach him that healthy foods can be awesome too.

One great tactic for weight loss is to serve yourself out an amount of food you would like to have. Then put away half of it for tomorrow or for the next night you want to have dessert. This cuts down your portion sizes dramatically and in turn the amount of calories consumed over the day. It means you can still have the food you wanted, but without being greedy.

Also be sure not to leave it too late at night. If you follow my advice ‘you don’t need energy to sleep’ then you will do well.

Try to finish eating at least 3 hours before going to the land of nod. Then you can be sure that your food will be well into the digestion process before lying still for 6-8 hours (more on the 8 hours side I hope).

Everything in moderation is the key. Don’t always have ‘extras’ at night, especially at a time when you will not be needing the extra energy. Use little tricks so that you can have it all whilst still looking great.

So remember you can have dessert, as long as you are sensible and choose foods that are good for you and that give you some bang for your buck. Do not eat empty calorie foods (foods that are nutrient poor).

Thanks for reading

Mrs Jessica Gray

Div1 RN (Specialising in Diet Related Disease and Nutrition)

MS Australia Ambassador

Australian Para Athlete

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