Getting Ready for DUBAI

It has been too long since my last post, unfortunately my MS hasn’t been very good causing me to be extremely tired.

But at the end of Febuary a team of athletes, including myself, will be going to DubaI for the-

8th Fazza 2017 World Para Powerlifting World Cup from 25 Feb to 04 Mar 2017. 

I will be in the under 73kg weight class, yes I have gone up a class. I am feeling a little pudgy around the edges at the moment but I would like to get an Australian record in this class at the nationals this year. Therefor I decided to also compete in Dubai in this class. I have records in the 2 classes below- under 67 kg and under 61kg. I defiantly feel stronger and my little injuries are much more manageable and less painful with the extra weight and NO DIETING, yay.

I had a wonderful experience in Dubai in 2014, so i am extremely happy to be going back there in 2 weeks. It had a great atmosphere and the other teams were very friendly.

My lovely friend Robin will also be accompanying me as a volunteer for the team. There will be 4 other athletes from Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle. This will be absolutely fabulous as I prefer to go as a team rather than by myself.

This will be my only international competition before the Commonwealth Games  (2018) as I have officially and unfortunately run out of money. Competing internationally carries a heavy cost burden to the athletes to the point where it makes you question weather it is a possibility to continue, looking at my options I think that the next Commonwealth Games will probably be my last competition unless I am able to find a more substantial sponsor. To be able to be selected for the Comm Games I must compete internationally once during 2017 and attend the Australian Nationals for selection. I cant wait for the Comm Games as they will be in AUSTRALIA (the Gold Coast), which means my family may be able to come and watch this time.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my husband and coach Harley for his support and encouragement and to my sponsors for their much appreciated help.

Thank you for reading and for your support, over the years I have had many wonderful messages of support and encouragement from friends and followers. Every positive message  helps when most days are a struggle at the moment.

So Dubai here we come!!!!


Jessica Gray


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