Success in Dubai

Hey all,

Dubai was a huge success for the Australian team, we had 4 athletes and 1 volunteer and everything ran very smoothly.

Chrissy Ashcroft and Rod Watson competed internationally for the first time. The judging was extremely strict but they both managed to score a successful lift in an extremely difficult competition. Paul Tesoriero also put in a great effort at 140kg but unfortunately missed out on getting in a lift.

I also had a great performance – my previous international PB was 68kg. I opened on 70kg, which I got 3 white lights for, and followed up with a successful 75kg lift! For my 3rd I attempted 77kg and just missed out, but I’m very happy with my new International PB!

You can watch my 75kg lift here:

This now qualifies me for the Worlds in September being held in Mexico City. Unfortunately I will not be going to this event at this point in time because we do not have the funds. I’ve decided to now focus more on saving money for a home for our family instead of putting all of our money into powerlifting.

This somewhat saddens me because I know that I would be able to do much better with some government support.

Our next main competition from here on out is the Nationals on the 27th of May in Brisbane, Bowen Hills, being held at Sporting Wheelies Disabled Association who kindly hold this competition every year for our national athletes to help prepare them for international competition. These nationals are particularly important as they will help refine our Commonwealth Games team for 2018.

Thanks everyone for reading!

Check my Facebook for tons of pics from the competition =)

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