Help support kids with a disability!!!!!!!!

Help support kids with a disability today


Giving kids with disability a chance to play

Giving kids with disability a chance to play

Can you imagine a life without physical activity or being able to play? A life without a hit of tennis, a kick of the footy or simply being able to play with your mates? A life without connection, hope and purpose?

Many of us take playing sport and being active for granted

For Victorian kids with disability, it’s a very different story.

Mitchell has cerebral palsy and longs to take part in school sports days with his classmates. But he’s not allowed to take his wheelchair onto the court at the local gym and he’s always made to be the score keeper. He spends a lot of time on the sidelines instead of playing with the others and that makes him feel pretty worthless. Now he goes home instead of taking part.

Rita’s family is super sporty and love regularly doing activities together. But Rita’s accident changed all that. Her acquired brain injury means she gets tired easily, her body is weak and she can’t balance very well. Now she feels left out when her family competes in athletics together and desperately wants to find an activity that she can do with her mum.

Harry has trouble fitting in because he has autism and is non-verbal. He doesn’t have any friends to play with and taking part in sport is nothing more than a dream. When Harry found his big brother’s skateboard, he soon discovered that skating is his special talent. But he has nowhere to skate and no one who understands his needs to mentor him.

Give kids with disability the chance to play

Without your help, kids like Mitchell, Rita and Harry will always miss out.

You can make sure kids with disability have the opportunity to live active, healthy lives by donating now.

Your donation will help Rita and her family find an accessible sport that they can all enjoy together, near their home. You can help Harry find a mentor that understands autism and a safe space for him to learn how to skate. You can help Mitchell and his classmates to play together.

Help kids with disability achieve their dreams

We’ve set ourselves the challenge to raise $30,000 in 24 hours to give kids with disability the chance to play. Every donation will be doubled, thanks to our generous matcher donors.

That means double the amount of support so that kids with disability have the chance to play and be part of their community.

$500 becomes $1,000

$250 becomes $500

$100 becomes $200

$50 becomes $100

$25 becomes $50!

Disability Sport & Recreation

We are a Victorian charity, committed to improving the health outcomes of Victorians with disability through sport and recreation. Health is a basic human right. Everything we do is to help Victorians with disability live happier, more active lives.

There are 1.1 million people with disability in Victoria – that means we have many people to reach and a lot more lives to change.

This video explains what we do and where your donation will go.



Without your help, thousands of kids with disability won’t experience the same thrills, mateship and love of physical activity that are part of an ordinary Australian life – one that we all deserve the chance to live.

Please help us reach our target today, and give kids with disability the chance to play.

Show kids with disability that it’s ok to dream.

* Mitchell, Rita and Harry are members that shared their stories with us. We’ve changed their names and photos to protect their identity.


Cheers everyone, please help support this cause.

Do something today you can be proud of tomorrow.


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