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MARCH 2015

This April I’ll be travelling to Mexico City to compete in the Americas Open IPC Championships (26-29th April) with the goal of improving my world ranking. I need to make the top 6 to qualify for Rio.

IPC has a website up at http://www.paralympic.org/mexico-city-2015/about with more updates sure to come closer to the competition. Hopefully there will be a live video feed to tune in to.

Since the sport is no longer funded in Australia I face increased challenges. Obviously I must fund-raise to attend these Paralympic Qualifying events, currently I am running a campaign you can check out here: http://www.gofundme.com/dzxreo

Another challenge – in Mexico I will be the only Australian representative.

No funding for athletes = obviously no funding for support/volunteers.

I am not about to travel solo and compete by myself though – I am enlisting my husband to come and fill the role of … well, everything… except lift the bar on stage 😉 Hope he likes carrying stuff, providing food and giving massages!

The flights and accommodation are all booked, and I’m feeling super pumped up about everything. My training is on track and I’m feeling strong.

I’ve learned some tough lessons about how strict IPC Powerlifting is judged. I’ve made it a point every single damn time I get on the bench to refine my technique – I hope it pays off! I only have a few chances to qualify for the Paralympics – Mexico, Hungary (November), and possibly Malaysia in early 2016.

I will have to make huge improvements to qualify for Rio. It is certainly possible, but failing that, my next goal will be to medal at the next Commonwealth Games on home soil at the Gold Coast in 2018 http://www.gc2018.com/

I know I will achieve great success in the future and having international competition experience is critical.

A final word – I couldn’t possibly hope to travel this path without the help and encouragement of a lot of people – family, friends, and my sponsors.



What a crazy year. In 2013 I made my international debut in Malaysia, next thing its 2014 and I’m in Dubai at the World Championships!!!

dubai photo

My performance in Dubai made me the number 7 ranked Para-Powerlifter in the world and granted me a spot on the Australian Commonwealth Games team.


The Comm Games was an incredible experience – I came so close to medaling, missing out on the bronze due to a technical error on my final lift.


A week after getting back from Glasgow I competed in the IPF Australian Bench Press Championships against able-bodied competitors, lifted seamlessly and won my class.


Finally in November I traveled to Brisbane for the IPC Australian titles and won my class for the 3rd consecutive year.


Oh yeah, and I trained my arse off week in week out…


Never missed a session (unless I was really, truly way sicker than usual)…


and made sure I ate properly – Every… Single… Day!!


PS… This cake is almost 100% fruit and vegetables, he’s none the wiser 😉

Most memorable moment of the year? Taking part in the Opening Ceremony at the Commonwealth Games. The enormity of the event was overwhelming.


Life as an athlete feels pretty normal day to day. I don’t do amazing things every day, I do normal things. When you make it to these huge events it’s really a shock to the system. It’s hard to understand the connection – how can the daily grind of training somehow bring about the cheering and adulation of 40,000 spectators?

With all the success its hard to stay grounded – and I am blessed to have the support of my family and sponsors to make all of this possible.

2014 was full of challenges, difficulties, failures and successes – and I’m only too happy to get into more of the same this year!


MARCH 2014

I just recently helped film an infomercial for Dineamic in their kitchen and in the gym which will be up on their new website soon. I am also in the process of setting up an online auction website for more constant funding, I will be asking friends and companies we know to donate items to put up for auction, this will be something I will be working on in the near future.

I left on the 30th of march at 10:35 pm to go to Dubai for the IPC World Championships ( bench Press). There were 350 bench press athletes from 56 different countries from all around the world.

I have posted a video of my last lift on my u tube channel. The reffing was very intense many athletes didn’t even get a lift up on the board, every flaw was picked up and red lighted. I only benched a 67 kg press weighing in at 61.49 kgs on my third attempt after getting red lighted for my first 2 lifts. The third one saved me!i Know know what i have to work on before the comm games to prevent this from happening again. I was happy to get a lift passed the judges but disappointed that i didn’t get the chance to do my max weight, especially since a few months earlier i did a 75 kg press with room to spare. better prep for the next one and try not to over think it!

A big thank you to everyone who helped me raise money for this competition, I am blown away by everyone’s generosity and support and congratulations to our raffle ticket winners at Body World Gymnasium. I love you all. The experience going to the Dubai Worlds was an amazing opportunity and i will now be a better lifer because of it.

My next Competition will be at the Commonwealth games in Scotland leaving in July to go to a training camp in Brisbane for a week then fly off to Glasgow 🙂 i am very excited and nervous at the same time, so head down bum up time for some serious hard work before then. We will be competing on the 3rd of August.




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